Get us involved.  Steve and Jim have done thousands of fundraiser pieces and we know how to help get the most from your efforts.  We can include pictures, logos and verbiage that will help tell your fundraising story.

Not only is there no upfront cost, but you don't pay anything until the project is finished.  AND you only are charged for the pieces sold. 

This is a fun, no risk way to earn money for your project so contact us today!  

CinemaFundraiser  913 283-8172


How to Begin

   needing to raise significant dollars?

   willing to try something new?

   willing to work hard to reach your goals?

If you have just 50 people selling 10 or more pieces each, you can raise $3,000 or more in short period of time.

Get the community involved -  they want to help.
Get the kids involved - it’s a great learning experience
and it’s tough to say no to a young person committed to a project - students get great results.